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20 years anniversay booklet 


Video 20 years since the establishment of the Institute of Interdisciplinary Research on Bio-Nano-Sciences at UBB


The Institute for Interdisciplinary Research in Bio-Nanosciences of Babes-Bolyai University was established in 2001, under the name of Institute for Interdisciplinary Experimental Research, as an autonomous research and technology transfer unit.

The aim of the institute is to carry out interdisciplinary research activities in the most current scientific and technological research topics pertaining to Biosciences, Nanosciences and physical and chemical processes occurring at the interface of biosystems with natural and artificial nanostructured systems. At the same time, our aim is to transfer the results obtained to potential local, national and international beneficiaries.

Monthly scientific seminars are held, in which internationally recognized specialists are invited to present the latest developments in the fields of interest to the members of the institute.

Every two years the Institute for Interdisciplinary Research in Bio-Nanosciences organises, together with the Faculties of Physics, Chemistry and Biology, the International Conference “Advanced Spectroscopies on Biomedical and Nanostructured Systems”. The honorary chairs of these conferences were Nobel Prize winners Prof. Richard Ernst (2004), Prof. Ahmed Zewail (2006) and Jean-Marie Lehn (2011).


Prof. Dr. Simion SIMON

Deputy directors:

Acad. Prof. Octavian POPESCU – founding honorary member

Prof. Simion AȘTILEAN – masters, doctoral and postdoctorals programs

Prof. Petru ILEA – accreditation and services to the community

Conf. Beatrice Kelemen – regional and international programs