Contrast Agents and Specific Therapeutics Centre

(INSPIRE Platform)

The Centre for Contrast Agents and Specific Therapeutics is part of the INSPIRE Platform (Senate Decision no., under the scientific-administrative coordination of the Institute for Interdisciplinary Research in Bio- Nano- Sciences (Senate Decision no. 6/15.01.2024, UBB Rector’s Decision no. 910/22.01.2024).


CS II Dr. Adriana Lazar


  1. Prof. Dr. Radu Silaghi-Dumitrescu
  2. CS I dr. Ioan Botiz
  3. Conf. Dr. Luiza Găină
  4. Conf. Dr. Raluca Ciceo-Lucacel
  5. Conf. Dr. Iulia Lupan
  6. CS II Dr. Milica Todea
  7. CS II Dr. Magyari Klara Dorottya
  8. Lect. Dr. Mihai Vasilescu


  • Laboratory of Biomolecular Interconnectics, coordinated by Prof. Dr. Radu Silaghi-Dumitrescu


  • Laboratory of In Vitro Testing of Biocompatibility and Bioactivity, coordinated by CS II Dr. Adriana Lazar


  • Structural Characterization by MR Spectroscopy Laboratory, coordinated by Lect. dr. Mihai Vasilescu


  • Nanostructured Theranostic Agents Laboratory, coordinated by CS II Dr. Milica Todea

The research topic is in line with the general and specific objectives of the INSPIRE Project and will be validated by the Scientific Council of ICI-BNS, upon proposal of the General Assembly of the members of the Centre.


The equipment available to the Centre for Specific Therapeutic and Contrast Agents for the planned experimental research  are that acquired through Inspire Project: 

  • 3D Bioprinter
  • Complex system for incubation of contrast agents in cell culture
  • Automated fluorescent cell imaging system
  • Biophotometer
  • GOM scanning system
  • Previously existing equipment in the laboratories involved

Access to these facilities for potentially interested researchers from outside the Centre is on the basis of projects presented and endorsed at the Centre’s scientific seminars, with the establishment of scientific and financial obligations, depending on the time of use and consumables used, projects subsequently approved by the ICIBNS Scientific Council.